If you want to express your opposition or approval of Measure 1 (the proposed sale of the Surprise Valley Hospital) and have it considered for inclusion on the the June primary election ballot you have until 5 p.m. Monday, March 19.

To be eligible you must reside in the Surprise Valley area which includes precincts: 020 – Ft. Bidwell, 040 – Lake City, 060 – Cedarville and 080 – Eagleville  The official wording of the ballot measure is as follows.

Measure I:

“To provide access to healthcare services at the facilities, or replacement facilities located at 741 Main Street, Cedarville, California, the District approves the sale and transfer of said hospital facilities and other District assets for fair market value as determined by an independent appraiser, to Cadira Group Holdings, LLC, or other qualified buyer, for the purposes of providing healthcare to the local community and reducing, or eliminating, further assessments to the community.”  

The guidelines for submitting and answering opposing views follows.

NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN that any written arguments for or against the measure to be submitted to the voters must be filed with the office of the Modoc County Clerk, at 108 E Modoc Street, Alturas, CA , no later than 5 p.m. on March 19th, 2018.  Arguments must be signed and dated with the names printed of person or persons submitting it, or, if submitted on behalf of an organization, the name of the organization and the printed name and signature of at least one of its principal officers.  No more than five signatures shall appear on the argument.  Arguments shall not exceed 300 words.

NOTICE IS ALSO HEREBY GIVEN that if an argument in favor of and argument against the measure are submitted, copies will be mailed to the respective authors in order that they may submit a rebuttal argument.  Rebuttal arguments must also be signed and dated by the author(s).  The deadline for filing a rebuttal argument will be 5 p.m. on March 26th, 2018. Rebuttal arguments shall not exceed 250 words.

Modoc County Clerk Contact information:
Office: 530-233-6205
Fax: 530-233-6666

See the Asset Purchase Agreement

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  1. One factor is this:

    The District has just bought a lab, Serodynamics, from Beau, which he plans to buy back as a part of purchasing the hospital in several months after the bankruptcy is settled. But there are questions about the liability of the District members, between now and the completion of the sale/dissolution of the District, for any debt the lab incurs (ie if they are sued, or are caught engaging in any fraudulent activity). Jennifer Hanor was asked directly at a recent meeting whether the District members would be liable for any increased debt incurred due to the ownership/operations of Serodynamics, and she assured us that it was in the contract that any such debt would be borne 100% by the Lab Manager (ie Beau or his employee) and not by the District. However, we have yet to be shown this language and I’m not convinced it’s there until I see it.

  2. Here’s another concern:

    If the purchase goes through and Cadira owns the hospital privately, what authority / access will Beau have to use individual patients’ medical records outside this facility. Is there some legal protection clause we need included to prevent our records from becoming unwilling fodder for any lab fraud or legal-but-unethical lab activity?

  3. Does anyone know if this measure needs a 2/3 vote or just a simple majority to pass? Thanks.

    The measure is poorly written — they don’t even spell out which district is being referred to. Of course it can be inferred from the language that it’s the hospital/healthcare district but it really should be written out completely.

      1. Not trying to be combative here. Just trying to determine “who is” responsible for this site.

        So your response would indicate many/multiple people are responsible. My research indicates one person “who is” responsible.

        No worries, just don’t appreciate those who might hide behind false front(s). Internet appears to be good for that.

  4. Everyone needs to get informed and ask the tough questions. How much is this going to cost? The ballot language leaves so much out for a honest assessment for deciding how to vote. Follow the money.

  5. At last a site with something to read regarding this “sale” and the bankruptcy.
    I am not surprised at anything I’ve read other than the sale of the lab: The lab was owned by the District, did the sale not need a voter approval of (that) sale? Where is the reference of the lab sale in the bankruptcy filing?
    Lastly, but not least: Who can answer the questions regarding the district assessment? Will the assessment continue with the new owner? If yes, how can the citizenship of the district dissolve the district? Is LAFCO the board overseeing the district dissolution process?

    1. Sandy, to date the District has BOUGHT a lab, not sold one.

      Still, it seems to me a purchase of that magnitude should have been subject to the approval of the district members — especially since it appears the District used the hospital and other District assets as collateral for the loan needed to make that purchase! — but I haven’t been able to find the regulatory language that covers it.

      Good question re the assessment; we just don’t know right now, what is planned and what is legal. Come to the meetings on Wednesday and ask!

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