Who’s Beau Gertz?


A Message from Beau Gertz, CEO of Cadira Group Holdings

The Surprise Valley Hospital is vital to the Cedarville Community and we at Cadira are committed to its future. The resulting sale of the Hospital to Cadira Group Holdings will keep the Hospital open and caring for Cedarville residents, and allow each and every one of you to avoid the potential of millions of dollars in old as well as new financial liabilities.

For too long, the good people of Cedarville have agonized over the possible closure of the Surprise Valley Hospital due to inadequate financial resources. Fortunately, the Town has been provided a temporary reprieve through bankruptcy protection and Cadira has made a $1.5 million loan to the Hospital so that the Hospital can maintain critical care services for the Community. Had that not happened, there is little doubt that the Surprise Valley Hospital would have had to close its doors.

As part of the loan agreement with Cadira, we were provided the right to purchase the Hospital in exchange for forgiving the $1.5 million loan and paying the Hospital’s then outstanding debts which are presently estimated will be about $3.85 million. Cadira will also maintain existing patient care services and increase revenues from outpatient laboratory services within California through Cadira’s managed SeroDynamics Laboratory.

In June, a measure will be placed on the ballot asking voters to approve the sale of the Hospital to Cadira in exchange for Cadira’s removal of upwards of over $5 million in Cedarville liabilities. It is presently believed that the $5 million will comprise all of Cedarville’s liabilities so that there would be no additional taxes on the Town. If voters do not pass the ballot measure and the sale of the Hospital and related commitments do not happen, Cedarville will likely lose the Hospital. It’s your choice to make. I hope you will vote for the ballot measure, keep Surprise Valley Hospital open, increase patient care and avoid enormous financial liabilities that no one can afford.

I will personally be in Cedarville the week of March 26, 2018 and look forward to addressing any questions the Community might have.

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  1. So, please explain the business model of outpatient Laboratory testing from a Laboratory in Denver, Colorado. Do you have a California license for performing Clinical Laboratory testing in the State of California? How do you plan to compete with both Quest and Lab Corps, the two largest for profit clinical laboratory testing firms in the United States? Is there tha much test volume in Cedarville, California to make this profitable. What is the payor mix that you anticipate?

  2. This is all a tax write off for Cadira/MD, a shell game to save/make them money. What will be left in Cedarville to take care of a heart attack, a stroke, a major bleed, a vehicle accident…. what happens in the winter when Cedar Pass is closed??

    1. To be honest, the pass is very rarely closed. Maybe a total of a few hours or half a day cumulative in the last decade? Of course it’s icy plenty of times, and I’m certainly not saying there’s no risk.

      But before we insist on trying to keep a hospital open for a community of 1000 people, we need to think carefully about the risk — if in order to even attempt to keep the hospital open we need to put the clinic, and long-term care, and ambulance services at risk (ie if this plan fails we lose all of it), is that really worth it considering what proportion of our hospital visits end up getting flown out anyway?

      Personally I’d rather keep the clinic and work on upgrading our ambulance from BLS to ALS — way more appropriate to the scale of the population, which also means more likely to be financially sustainable, than risking it all on one spin of the “outpatient lab ” roulette wheel…

  3. Actually, after much meditative contemplation about the ramifications of this facility closing, I think that would be the best for all key stakeholders. This way, Modoc Medical Center could get the income stream to help them provide care to all Modoc County residents.

    1. Anthony,

      Thanks for your post. In the future please use a different nick name than Bull Dog to avoid confusion with the other Bull Dog who posts on this site.


    2. Perhaps “hiding” behind a pseudonym is not the best policy.

      Transparency, similar to what the SV community deserves from the immediate parties – Board, Hanor, and Gertz – involved in the SVH “transaction” , should be preferred by all.

      This forum is about real life and real people, not avatars.

  4. On Wednesday March 28, there will be two different opportunities to learn about the current hospital situation. First, at 1:30pm at the Cedarville Community Church Hall, is a regular month-end hospital board meeting, open to the public and expected to include some significant news.

    Then that evening there will be a Town Hall Meeting where Beau will address the community and answer questions. That’s at 6:30pm at the Senior Center.

    Hope we have a good crowd at both meetings!

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