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  1. Where do you get this stuff? It has nothing to do with the sale of SV hospital. You would do better for the community if you portrayed the truth instead of innuendos and past history.

    1. Eh, I think the recordings reflect how plenty of folks in the valley are feeling about the current path being taken. We are worried that we may be being taken in by a fraudulent scheme. Of course maybe that’s NOT the case, but
      1) we don’t know that,
      2) there are valid reasons for concern, and
      3) Neither Beau, nor the board, nor the administration, has substantively addressed those concerns.

      So here we are — the optimists with their hands over their eyes and ears, and the rest of us waiting for things to explode…

    2. The “problem” Carol Willett is that the party or parties that want to buy SVDH are doing so with the intent of using a fraudulent scheme to make money on the billing of laboratory tests. That’s the only reason that they have any interest. Do your homework. If the financial outlook for SVHD was positive, then there might be legitimate interest from an outside healthcare group like Sutter, Dignity, PeaceHealth, etc.

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