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For those of us who won’t be able to attend any or all of the community hospital meetings in Lake City, Eagleville or Ft. Bidwell, if you attend and have video, audio or photos to illustrate what took place, please send your files to us at:


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  1. California hospital to close by mid-June, lay off 200 employees
    Written by Alyssa Rege | May 02, 2018 | Print | Email

    Coalinga (Calif.) Regional Medical Center, which was established in 1928, will close on or before June 15, according to The Fresno Bee.

    Coalinga Regional Medical Center CEO Wayne C. Allen said the hospital’s board of directors voted April 30 to close the 24-bed facility along with its 99 skilled nursing beds, the report states.

    Mr. Allen said in a May 1 statement some of the hospital’s healthcare services may close before the pending closure date. If that occurs, patients will be adequately notified.

    “During the last two years, it has become increasingly more difficult for a small community hospital to financially survive. CRMC has struggled with multiple challenges and is no longer financially sustainable as an independent hospital. We have established a plan for the transfer of the healthcare of our patients to other neighboring medical providers,” Mr. Allen said in the statement.

    “The hospital’s board of directors acknowledges its appreciation to all employees and medical staff who have provided years and years of care and compassion to our patients,” the statement continues. “This is a very sad time for our hospital family and the community we serve. We believe access to quality healthcare in our local community is vital. For that reason, we have reached out to Community Medical Centers in Fresno to discuss possible options to maintain certain outpatient services in Western Fresno County.”

    Mr. Allen took the reins as CEO less than a month ago after the hospital’s former CEO retired. The “devastating” closure comes after the hospital suffered 18 months of financial losses totaling $4.5 million, Mr. Allen told the The Fresno Bee.

    The closure will leave residents scrambling for medical care, as the nearest hospital — Adventist Health Hanford (Calif.) — is roughly 40.8 miles away. The next closest hospitals are more than 60 miles away, according to the report.

    The hospital’s 200 employees will also be laid off during the next 45 days, according to ABC30 Action News.

  2. I am puzzled at the purpose of this comment. We are all well aware that small rural hospitals all over the country are closing, unable to make ends meet. Those opposed to Beau’s plan (or should I say, opposed to how Beau’s plan has been presented, because I don’t know anyone actually opposed to the concept of a niche revenue source being used to keep a hospital afloat) are not unaware of this situation.

    The concerns in our case are based on other issues:

    * concerns about the financial risk of Beau’s plan being laid on the citizens rather on Beau where it belongs

    * concerns about the legality of the outpatient lab scheme (being given a line of jargon about what distinguishes Beau’s plan from Perez’s model is not sufficient)

    * concerns about logistical and practical obstacles to turning SV Hospital into the “destination hospital” Beau describes

    *concerns about the poor performance of the current board, including violation of bylaws, as well as legally public information being hidden from the public

    * concerns about quality of care and ethics issues inside the facility itself.

    If Beau was truly looking out for the best interests of this community (which he could do while still being a “businessman”), he would empathize with these concerns as they are expressed to him, and welcome the chance to show how his plan addresses them, rather than giving us “dog and pony show” answers and then evading requests for clarification or elaboration.

    Nobody wants the hospital to close, but many of us feel our choice is between the hospital closing now (pre-DiP loan, though too late for that already) with only the modest, honestly-accrued debt carried by the district, versus the hospital closing in a few months or maybe a year with millions *more* in debt, incurred by Beau’s scheme, his lab (perhaps the insurance companies or Medicare don’t agree that “common ownership” is enough to make his plan legal) or by Beau’s management in general.

    Beau claims that after the sale the district members will not carry this liability, but he hasn’t made a strong case for being trusted in this regard. He could easily have written into the credit agreement that the district members are legally indemnified from new debt arising from Cadira/Serodynamics, but he didn’t. In fact, he could insist on amending the agreements now to that end. I can’t think many folks in the valley would oppose him taking his best shot at saving our hospital in that case. But he won’t. Why not? Because his actual plan is other than described, and not so above-board.

  3. I am puzzled at the purpose of this comment. Perhaps “Bulldog”
    can stop hiding behind this alias and reveal their true identity. What do you have to hide, and what is your agenda? Inquiring minds would like to know…..

    1. Ken, who I am isn’t relevant to my point, and I prefer to be publicly neutral, hence the alias.

      I am just a concerned citizen, a resident of the valley. I use the clinic. I pay taxes as a homeowner. I want the hospital to survive to serve the valley IF IT CAN, but I don’t put much credence in the “cover your eyes/ears and say only positive things” approach when that seems to clash with reality.

      My only agenda is to encourage people to think critically about this situation, and not to agree to something potentially detrimental simply because we want to believe only good things will happen.

      PS — I don’t know who is using similar names to mine, nor why.

  4. Perhaps if members of the Board didn’t have parents in the LTAC @ Surprise Valley District Hospital, they might have been able to have better judgement in decision making on the future of the facility.

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