2 Replies to “Special Board Meeting of the Modoc County Board of Supervisors 4/9/2018”

  1. I just finished listening to this meeting audio and I have to encourage others to do the same. It’s long (hour and a half) but after the first five minutes of them getting underway, there wasn’t one single minute of it that wasn’t enlightening and useful to have heard.

    Some of what I suggest everyone make particular note of as they listen:

    Notice how the County Board of Supervisors behave civilly to their audience as they receive public questions, in contrast to how the District Board behaves during their meetings.

    Notice how both the Supervisors and the audience members ask intelligent, relevant questions.

    Notice how many of those intelligent, relevant questions are answered with a non-answer, jargon or deflecting.

    Some questions I had in reaction:

    Why hasn’t the District’s purchase of the reference lab Serodynamics shown up in the bankruptcy documents yet, if the purchase has already happened like we’ve been told? (And for that matter, why hasn’t the purchase agreement/contract for Serodynamics been made available to the public?)

    Why did the hospital board agree to have the District buy Serodynamics without insisting on seeing the financials of that lab? No matter how desperate and out of options the board feels the District is, that’s just irresponsible to take on an unknown financial risk on behalf of the District members without doing the most basic due diligence first. Did they even bother to ensure Serodynamics isn’t in the middle of being sued? Are we now responsible for any financial obligations as a result of lawsuits that relate to actions from before our ownership?

    Similarly, why would Beau agree to buy the SV hospital before seeing the financials of the District? Is he even aware of how many pending lawsuits the District is dealing with? How can he say the actual current debt of the hospital isn’t yet known — haven’t all the hospital’s debts been revealed in the bankruptcy process?

    Did anyone else notice that near the end of the meeting, he says in one sentence both that he knows he will succeed as well as emphasizing that he is accepting the large risk of this project. Beau, which is it?

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