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I’ve been thinking about the hospital and wondering if we’re still going to pay a property assessment every year, even though Cadira is buying the hospital. I think that the assessment will continue but I’m wondering who has any more information about that? In order to get rid of the assessment, would there have to be an initiative put on the ballot because there was an initiative that instituted the assessment in the first place?

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  1. I don’t know the process for dissolving the district; that’s a question for LAFCo.

    But my understanding of the tax assessments is this: Once the sale closes, the hospital is no longer an asset of the district, and the taxpayers stop being liable for any newly incurred hospital debt.

    But existing debt remains attached to the district and we will continue to be taxed until that debt is gone. Only after that debt is gone can the district be dissolved.

    Beau has been claiming that his plan includes paying off most if not all of that existing debt. Is that happening?

    The hospital board’s regular monthly meeting should happen this week. The notice isn’t posted yet but it’s usually 1:30pm Weds at the Community Church. I encourage people to attend and to ask questions.

  2. The meeting notice has been posted — it’s Thursday rather than Wednesday this week. Still 1:30pm at the Community Church.

    An update on the sale and bankruptcy is the first item on the agenda, with room for public comments and questions.

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