Stay Tuned

There may be another hospital meeting next Wednesday since today’s meeting was cancelled due to lack of a quorum.

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  1. Beau Gertz is horrible and has multiple shell companies. He fired all of his employees and closed down Cadira labs, Serodynamics, Cadira MD and labinitiatives YESTERDAY June 12, 2018 the employees zero notice and didn’t have the balls to even be there to tell the employees. He was too busy camping and hiking some mountain. He will do nothing but completely DESTROY that poor rural hospital, the only reason why he wanted to buy it was to have a hospital that is in an area with less than 5,000 people so he can use it for billing insurance companies…he’s tried this with many other hospitals. He has been involved with Empower and used them for insurance billing. You should look up Putnam County Hospital in Missouri..90 million$$ fraud…he was right there doing the blood testing for George and David Byrns…using the same scheme that he wanted to use at this Cali hospital. He’s a liar who will ruin any business to make fast money!

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