Stay Tuned

There may be another hospital meeting next Wednesday since today’s meeting was cancelled due to lack of a quorum.

Hidden Documents Revealed

We now see, hidden on the County’s website, the LLC Lab Purchase Agreement, the Lab Management Agreement, and a “Business Associate Addendum.”  The last two might not be new but we hadn’t  seen them before.  The Lab Purchase Agreement we definitely haven’t seen before.

They can be found at

The Business Associate Addendum starts on page 34, then apparently repeats starting on page 109.

The Lab Management Agreement starts on page 89,

and the long-elusive Limited Liability Company Purchase Agreement starts on page 117.

Special Bulletin

Hospital Meeting at the Community Church 1:30 pm tomorrow, Wednesday.  Will Beau Gertz’ lawsuit be discussed?

Readers Ask More Questions

If some debt still exists, can LAFCO place a special tax, with no voter approval, to pay off the remaining debt, IF Beau doesn’t pay off the debt as the board and Beau promised?

What is stopping the board from running up more debt that the taxpayers will have to pay off?

When will the District dissolve?

Readers Ask

I’ve been thinking about the hospital and wondering if we’re still going to pay a property assessment every year, even though Cadira is buying the hospital. I think that the assessment will continue but I’m wondering who has any more information about that? In order to get rid of the assessment, would there have to be an initiative put on the ballot because there was an initiative that instituted the assessment in the first place?

Surprise Valley Tax Payer

ATTENTION: Hospital Board Mtg Today

SV Hospital board meeting today at 1:30 at the community church hall. All are invited and questions are allowed. If you have a question or two and can’t make it e-mail to she’ll ask them for you. The answers will be in next week’s paper.

The SV board of directors were informed about Putnam Hospital, Hospital Partners and their connection to us before they signed a contract.