Town Hall Meeting

A town hall meeting to hear Beau Gertz of Cadira Holdings explain his plans for the takeover of the Surprise Valley Hospital will be held at the Senior Center in Cedarville Wednesday, March 28 at 6:30 p.m.


SVHCD CAO to Resign

The Surprise Valley Health Care District board of directors will formally hear the resignation of Jennifer Hanor, chief administrative officer, at its regularly-scheduled meeting March 28.

The meeting will be held at the Community Hall at 1:30 p.m. At the same time the board will appoint an interim replacement for Hanor.

Other items on the board’s agenda include a financial report, an administrative report and the board’s intentions to hold community meetings for discussions of Measure 1 the June 5 ballot measure seeking voter approval to sell the hospital to Beau Gertz, CEO of Cadria Holdings.

See other Public Voices postings on Gertz and the current issues surrounding his company and the Surprise Valley Health Care District board of directors.

Who’s Beau Gertz?


A Message from Beau Gertz, CEO of Cadira Group Holdings

The Surprise Valley Hospital is vital to the Cedarville Community and we at Cadira are committed to its future. The resulting sale of the Hospital to Cadira Group Holdings will keep the Hospital open and caring for Cedarville residents, and allow each and every one of you to avoid the potential of millions of dollars in old as well as new financial liabilities. Continue reading “Who’s Beau Gertz?”

Interview with Beau Gertz

Public Voices interviewed Beau Gertz, CEO of Cadira Group Holdings and prospective buyer of the hospital on March 22, 2018, two days after the Surprise Valley Health Care District board of directors held a closed session meeting.  

Q – What took place in the closed SVHCD board meeting, the one you and your chief financial officer were reportedly barred from attending? Do you know?

A – I was not barred from attending, it was a closed meeting. I was not in attendance. I will say that what was a friendly relationship with the Surprise Valley Hospital board has turned turbulent.

I’m barred from speaking with anyone except Jennifer Hanor (chief executive officer)  and Chanda Pedotti (human resources). I don’t want people getting false impressions, but I have some grave issues with lots of things in the Cedarville  community.  I’m an outsider.

Last week, my chief financial officer went to Cedarville to try and understand the hospital financials. He requested basic financial information like salary records and vendor payments and was refused. I tried to call the board, Bruce Tozier is the only one who called me back.  I’ve been told there are concerns with hospital morale. I have concerns about Jennifer Hanor’s attitude. I know people in Cedarville want to keep their hospital.  This started last Friday, I started getting calls, anonymous calls. Me and my investors are in the dark. . . . Continue readingBREAKING NEWS:
Interview with Beau Gertz”